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Xerox offers ‘Sustainability Tools’ to encourage environmental responsibility in business printing

Issue #0836/2 – As part of its drive towards sustainable paper management and sustainable printing, Xerox has launched a suite of information materials and resources to help customers and printer users to understand the issues and to begin to manage their print functions in a sustainable manner.

Bringing information together into one central location, Xerox’s sustainability portal can be found at A series of statements and source materials are available regarding where Xerox is placed with regard to environmental responsibility in terms of commitment, vision, principles and strategy.

  • Every Day is Earth Day at Xerox
    Xerox’s original press statement detailing its activities to raise awareness of earth-friendly practices amongst employees and communities, together with a brief history of Xerox’s approach to environmental responsibility over the years
  • Xerox supplies sustainability briefing paper
    Details Xerox’s stance on sustainability and its value proposition for customers
  • Paper sustainability brochure
    Outlines Xerox’s commitment to sustainable practices and to helping customers maximise environmental responsibility in their print activities
  • Sustainability guide
    20-page guide providing in depth exploration of: forestry stewardship certifications; paper manufacturing processes; environmental impact reduction; the carbon footprint of paper; and the efficient use of paper.
  • Xerox Paper Sourcing Policy and Supplier Requirements
    Brief statement outlining policies and requirements
  • Green World Alliance: Recycle your Xerox products
    Guidance for recycling printer supplies and how to handle items that cannot be recycled, together with statistics relating to Xerox’s recycling activities

There are also several resources designed to assist in planning for sustainable print management, minimising paper usage and minimising energy consumption and waste production, namely:

  • Seven tips to creating a more eco-friendly office
    Seven simple steps to help customers avoid wasting resources and increase productivity and efficiency
  • Five Paper Tips from Xerox
  • Five Paper Tips from Xerox: Use Less, Use Wisely
    Helpful suggestions for reducing paper consumption in the day-to-day office and, thereby, the quantity of natural resources consumed in its manufacture. Plus, a printable poster to display in the workplace
  • Sustainability Calculator
    Accessible through the company’s ‘thoughtleaders’ portion of the Xerox web site, the Sustainability Calculator enables corporations to obtain a generalised, non-machine-specific estimate of energy consumed, greenhouse gasses generated and quantity of solid waste produced by their existing printing activities. In addition, the tool provides a comparison with the potential for savings through optimising the printer fleet. Results can be produced in PDF format (PDF generator refused to work during test run).