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Xerox buys its way further into Managed Print market with purchase of NewField IT

NewField ITNewField IT

Issue #1113/1 – Seeking to strengthen its grip on the global Managed Print Services (MPS) market, Xerox has announced its acquisition of NewField IT, a leading consultancy, optimisation and MPS company in the UK and the US.

What Xerox appears to be most excited about in this acquisition is getting its hands on Asset DB, NewField’s MPS software suite: comprising Asset Management; Data Management; Cost of Ownership Modelling; Fleet Optimisation; Proposal Generation; and a Green Calculator / Carbon Savings. NewField claims that using Asset DB accelerates the implementation of a MPS system by as much as four times.

Asset DB

NewField will undoubtedly compliment Xerox’s existing MPS operations and, adding Asset DB to its portfolio, integrated seamlessly with the current Xerox suite, will extend Xerox’s capabilities and efficiency in the market.

However, it is planned to keep business processes and integrity separate and independent. NewField’s current business, and major selling point, is that it works with all leading equipment manufacturers and is an independent consultant.

Potentially this has far-reaching implications – meaning, if NewField is owned by Xerox, can it really maintain the independence necessary for working with Xerox’s competitors? Indeed, will Xerox’s hardware competitors continue to be willing to work with NewField?

Xerox and NewField executives firmly believe that ownership by Xerox will not change their standing in the market.

Only time will tell! Is this a coup for Xerox and a huge opportunity for NewField or could a perceived loss of independence signal a forthcoming gradual decline of a market leader?

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