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Ninestar admits patent infringement and settles with Hewlett-Packard

Issue #0916/2 – Hewlett-Packard has recently acquired an admission from Ninestar Imaging Co. Ltd. that it has infringed patents in the design of its versions of the HP 02 and HP 14 cartridges and has reached a settlement to prevent the infringements continuing.

Ninestar has agreed that it will not sell the offending compatible cartridges in countries where Hewlett-Packard has patent protection. In addition, the company is to make a payment (sum undisclosed) to Hewlett-Packard by way of compensation.

epson  t0714Dismantled
Epson T0714 cartridge

In the US in particular, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service is able to seize products that infringe patents, as demonstrated a little over a year ago when Epson won an injunction from the U.S. International Trade Commission banning the import of third party cartridges that infringed patents.

Higher prices to the user are the almost inevitable result of these actions. Users in the US were warned at the time by observers that they would face higher prices for Epson supplies and could find it difficult or impossible to find compatibles for certain models – i.e. those where the manufacture of compatible cartridges cannot be achieved without infringing copyrights.

Hewlett-Packard’s Steve Nigro , senior vice president of Inkjet and Web Services Business, said that he is “pleased with the timely resolution of this matter”. He also indicated that Hewlett-Packard will continue to search out and pursue patent infringements.

As with Pelikan in the accompanying article, (), this is not the first run-in that Hewlett-Packard has had with Ninestar.

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