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Hewlett-Packard undertakes to ‘bring on new talent from within’

Issue #1123 – “We want … less outside recruitment and more promotion from within …” is the forward-looking objective for 2012 onwards, so said a senior Hewlett-Packard executive during an analysts’ briefing on Tuesday.

This was in answer to a question from an analyst about the stated intention to move people around the company. Quite rightly, the analyst was concerned that this could potentially ‘disturb the flow’ if people are moved around into different roles.

However, the answer from the Hewlett-Packard executive was absolutely down the line of TCPglobal article from a few weeks ago. It was clear and uncompromising.

“No, quite the opposite,” he said. “We share your view that we have a great workforce with fantastic talents, and we believe that we should do a more concerted effort to promote from within and to rotate people across our business units because that would allow us to build the great managers of the future. And this is how we’re going to be able to sustain our growth and sustain our leading edge year after year.”

The Corporate Ladder

“This requires a concerted effort throughout HP. It requires also a progressive building of the talent pool, starting from the very early stages of recruitment of young talent and then moving them up through the ladder and through the organisation. What we want to do is have a more forceful approach to this and less outside recruitment and more promotion from within and a more concerted effort to build up the talent pool.”

“You create a pool of managers that are very well rounded, that know the company inside out, have had different roles and as a result of that can really pull the One HP forward with a sense of belonging and a real understanding of the power of HP end to end.”

This should bring renewed enthusiasm within the company and encourage staff to make the most of their talents and to be determined to prove themselves in front of current managers.

Interesting also that the ‘One HP’ concept does, in fact, live on. After Léo Apotheker outlined the One HP vision in March, it was rather assumed that this whole concept would probably die with his departure. Frankly, it is a good thing that it hasn’t died and that the new management in the organisation appears to appreciate its value and is prepared to run with it.

Well-rounded and talented youngsters, grown from within, is exactly what the company needs and it is refreshing to hear it spoken of in public. However, it is not enough for this approach to end in middle management. It must allow for ‘young talent’ to reach the very top in the fullness of time.

Nice one Hewlett-Packard.

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