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Free Samsung projector with Samsung printer purchases – great opportunity for small businesses

Issue #0923/1 – As we enter the ‘new year’, post summer holidays, businesses are still able to take advantage of a great opportunity to acquire a projector free of charge. Projectors are being used by Samsung as an incentive to buy Samsung printers and MFPs – not for much longer though – offer ends in the last week of September.

Available through a major UK reseller, what makes this deal unique and especially interesting is that the free projector is not linked to the purchase of any one specific Samsung printer or MFP. Instead, it is linked to a value purchase so, if desired, a customer can buy a small fleet of low-end devices and still take advantage of the offer – very helpful for small businesses!

Samsung projector offerSamsung projector offer

So, for instance, the purchase of £1,000s-worth of Samsung printers or MFPs yields the customer a free Samsung P400B projector – worth £350 using a median price point.

As long as a customer is interested in a projector, this means that the incentive is worth up to 35% of the printer hardware purchase cost or represents a discount on the whole hardware bundle of 26%.

For those businesses able to spend a little more on new printers and MFPs from Samsung, an L200 projector (worth around £410 at median UK pricing) is the reward linked to a purchase value of £1,500, while purchasers of £4,000’s-worth of Samsung hardware can claim an L300 projector (worth around £510 at median UK pricing).

Special offers are one of the weapons in a printer manufacturer’s armoury to try and prevent hardware sales falling too heavily in times of economic pressure. However, for Samsung, it as a more important weapon than for many because the company is still a young player in the printer market and does not yet have a history with a Managed Print Service offering in the way that is familiar from many of the manufacturers that have been in the market for a couple of decades or more (see for additional comment on recent MPS activity).

For this reason, Samsung has been particularly active with promotions over the last 12 months or so and we can expect this to continue. While it is an imperative for Samsung, other manufacturers, even with extensive MPS offerings, are also still actively promoting hardware because they have to maintain visibility in the market and all are battling for maximum market share at all times.

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