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CharisCo Printer Labs seeks beta testers for Total Cost of Printing app

Issue #1207 – CharisCo Printer Labs has reached an exciting juncture with its brand new Total Cost of Printing calculator, tcprojector, now at the beta testing stage. The online application is targeted initially at printer dealers and MPS providers to educate printer purchase decisions by projecting long-lasting value over initial savings and we would like to invite resellers to apply to have free access while beta testing the app over the next few weeks.

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I think an apology is probably in order first of all because TCPglobal has gone largely ignored for the last few months due to the heavy workload involved in preparing tcprojector. However, exciting times are ahead as we move through the beta testing phase and launch tcprojector to market.

Meeting a long-standing need for an independent Total Cost of Printing tool to permit the preparation of unbiased evaluations of realistic printing costs, tcprojector is a sophisticated model that not only creates an assessment of current print costs but also compares this with projections of costs for proposed fleets.

Dealers and MPS providers can save customers money on their printing while also maximising their profit.

While many companies are still in the position of not knowing the scale of printing costs incurred, 6% has been shown to be an ‘average’ figure for percentage of revenue spent on printing (some paper-intensive industry sectors experience print costs of up to 15% of revenue!).

Fleet data, from an audit of the customer’s facilities, is collected in situ on a tablet or laptop computer, feeding directly into tcprojector, thus creating an asset register and permitting an estimation of current print costs to be shown to the client immediately if desired. …

tcprojectortcprojector is compatible with tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers

Yes, tcprojector is iPad and Android tablet compatible as well as laptop and desktop compatible.

… The more thorough the audit and research with the client, the more accurate the cost estimate and cost projections will be. This is achieved by providing the option to enter detailed printer/team profile data, including:

  • volume of pages printed
  • approximate percentage of different page types
  • approximate balance between mono and colour pages
  • variable page coverage
  • hours the printers are powered on per day
  • number of (powered up) working days per year

After the audit is completed, the reseller is able to export reports that can both comprise part of the sales proposal and also assist the reseller in determining, and planning for, an optimised fleet to present to the customer. Once the optimised fleet has been developed, projected costs are compared with the current existing costs as a justification proof-point and reports can be exported for reference or for presentation to the customer.

Alternatively, an MPS provider may wish to use tcprojector as an internal tool to assist in its pricing process and to verify that the package pricing is realistic, thus reducing the risk levels involved in setting contract pricing.

tcprojector identifies printers by location and team, effectively creating an asset register for the customer, permitting comparisons between the performance of different parts of the business and seeing where excessive or unnecessary costs are being incurred.

AND … tcprojector not only uses the dealer’s own price list to create the cost analysis but also allows the importing of multiple price lists. This permits comparisons to be drawn between costs for the current fleet, as audited and using pricing as currently paid by the customer, with costs of a new and optimised fleet. Or indeed, multiple price lists could be used as competitive justification for switching suppliers, even with no changes to the hardware or perhaps to allow special customer-specific discounted prices to be utilised.

tcprojector’s database is currently geared towards European part numbers. Worldwide part numbers will be introduced to the database in due course.

So, if you’re a UK or EU printer dealer (using European supplies part numbers) or a printer supplies reseller and you’d like to get an early look at tcprojector, use the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the page and we’ll get it touch with you right away. For more information, please refer to (note: product details are still subject to change as development continues).

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