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Staples works with Hewlett-Packard to enable easy printer hardware recycling

Issue #0808/3 – Both Staples and Hewlett-Packard gain from a joint recycling programme in the US because customers thinking of changing their old printer for a new, faster, more productive model that is (perhaps) less costly to run, will be drawn into Staples stores by the promise of $50 of their new printer – as long as it is a Hewlett-Packard printer and costs more than $159.

Staples gains because it stands to acquire new customers and make sales to customers who might naturally have purchased elsewhere.

Hewlett-Packard stands to gain through the ability to capture more customers and a higher percentage of the market for its high-profit supplies products – it’s all about market share and installed base. And, it takes printers off the market from competing manufacturers, thus capturing their supplies sales for Hewlett-Packard.

Running from the middle of March through to the beginning of May, 2008, the program allows users to turn in desktop printer models of any type and brand (and condition!), effectively as part-exchange for a new Hewlett-Packard printer.

Even if there is a sizeable ulterior motive for making this offer, it does underline Hewlett-Packard’s commitment to responsible recycling of old IT hardware.