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What future for the ‘Printer’ – Office-Hub and Home-Hub??

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 - Posted in Print Technology, Printer Market, Printing culture, Reliability, Total Cost of Printing | 1 Comment »

The year was 2009!  And the month, November!  The first ‘web-connect’ or ‘smart’ printers arrived on the scene!  And we thought, “Oooh, that’s clever”!  Now, as we’re getting frightening close to the end of yet another decade, I’ve been pondering on whether the next development in the printer arena could be the introduction of a true multi-function, multi-tasking ‘Office Hub’ and ‘Home Hub’.

Internet shopping could kill off original manufacturer printer supplies

Thursday, March 1st, 2018 - Posted in Comparisons, Managed Print Services, Pricing, Printer Market, Reliability, Supplies, Third party supplies, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

News items appear in the media at least once a year (at Christmas), informing us of the scale of growth of internet shopping.  Time was when locating Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplies for your printer was easy and users wanting to hold fast to their principle to buy OEM consumables had a choice of many suppliers. Now? Not so easy! In fact, a user may have to work really hard to find OEM supplies at all, let alone have a decent choice of where to buy them.

Printer manufacturers’ response to CISS concept migrates to laser printers

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 - Posted in Hardware, New Products, Print Technology, Printer Market, Printing culture, Supplies, Third party supplies, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System), conceived by the third party ink supply industry many years ago, has so challenged the printer manufacturers that in the last year or two several of them have come up with a couple of different ways to combat the threat to their own original ink supplies.  Obviously seeing some success in its implementation of a CISS response with some of its inkjet printers, HP has now launched a laser printer using the same concept of ‘2-year’s-worth’ of toner.

HP Inc. moves into A3 copier domain – laser engines from Samsung

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 - Posted in Hardware, Managed Print Services, New Products, News, Print Technology, Printer Market, Reliability, Strategy, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

Although Hewlett-Packard/HP Inc. (HP) has long had one of the widest ranges of printer hardware on the market, the high end A3 and copier spaces have consistently evaded the company.  Coming in the spring of 2017, through (originally) an alliance with the Samsung printer division, which HP has now agreed to buy for $1Bn, together with development of its own A3 PageWide inkjet print head and engine, the company is attacking the A3 and copier spaces head on.

Has Xerox hit on a scheme that might effectively cap consumables prices in the channel as well as drive customers towards original supplies?

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 - Posted in Pricing, Printer Market, Strategy, Supplies, Third party supplies, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

Issue #1303 – Describing it as a ‘fun’ way to buy printer supplies, Xerox launched a new loyalty program a couple of weeks ago that seems to include a number of potential implications at the same time as seeking to encourage customers to buy original supplies and protecting against counterfeits. For instance, ‘Will large companies allow employees to participate?’, ‘could the program have the effect of actually capping prices in the channel?’

“Best value” printer? When is this true?

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 - Posted in Comparisons, Pricing, Printer Market, Special Offers, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

Issue #1210 – I’ve just received a marketing email from an online retailer that includes an element boasting ‘Best Value Printer’. This sort of claim is guaranteed to catch my eye and just has to be looked at more closely, doesn’t it? But what does the claim actually mean? What do marketing emails ultimately say about the company that produces them?

TCPglobal celebrates 10 years – origin, influence and anticipation (a buzz commentary dedicated to Total Cost of Printing)

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 - Posted in News, Printer Market, Printing culture, Total Cost of Printing | 1 Comment »

Issue #1206 – Celebrating its 10th birthday, CharisCo Printer Labs’ ezine, TCPglobal, is pushing ever forwards with news and reviews and highlighting issues in the industry that affect the bottom line of printer and MFP users. “If it affects your pocket, it’s fair game for TCPglobal”. This article offers a potted review of the decade and gives pointers towards developments in the future.

Do you need convincing that business inkjet costs 50% less than laser? The options are improving each year.

Saturday, March 17th, 2012 - Posted in Comparisons, Print Technology, Printer Market, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

Issue #1204 – While printer manufacturers increasing realise that business inkjet is an essential addition to their product line-up, users are only slowly giving them serious attention. I believe that inkjet is the office technology of the future – we provide conclusive proof that Total Cost of Printing is undeniably in their favour.

Is it time to reverse the printer price war of the 90s and noughties?

Monday, March 5th, 2012 - Posted in Financials, Pricing, Printer Market, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

Issue #1203 – Poor, if not frightening, first quarter results from market leader Hewlett-Packard, together with a not-so-good outlook for the printer industry as a whole, are a pointer that the printer industry absolutely cannot sit back on its laurels and expect to survive on past business models and product ranges.

The acquisition race is on – Hewlett-Packard announces deal to acquire Managed Print Services company, Printelligent

Thursday, May 26th, 2011 - Posted in Managed Print Services, News, Printer Market, Total Cost of Printing, Total Print Management | No Comments »

Issue #1113/2 – Further consolidating the Managed Print Services (MPS) market, Hewlett-Packard today issued press releases announcing that it has signed an agreement to acquire Printelligent, a US company that pioneered the principle of Managed Document Solutions as far back as 1993.