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Archive for April, 2009

Kodak consumables – reasonably priced?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 - Posted in Pricing, Third party supplies, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

Issue #0912/1 – Kodak began its venture into the consumer inkjet printer market selling only directly. Once upon a time there was nowhere else to buy the hardware and the supplies. Now, these printers and cartridges are no more difficult to find than any other brand – testament to the early success that Kodak has achieved since launching two years ago. As a follow-up to the previous article (), in this article we look at the pricing of the supplies and discover some disturbing variations.

Kodak inkjet printer promotion!! “Priced to print” – good tag line, suspect mathematics

Friday, April 24th, 2009 - Posted in Comparisons, Pricing, Printer Market, Supplies, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

Issue #0911/1 – Kodak has launched a major new marketing campaign, ‘Print and Prosper’, with a tag line ‘Priced to Print’, in an attempt to ramp up visibility and sales of its inkjet All-in-One printer range. Having lost such a major portion of its traditional silver halide film business to digital photography, Kodak has been left with a major hole in its revenue stream, which it hopes to fill through increasing its activities in the printer market. In this article we consider the claims Kodak makes in its initial marketing drive and attempt to set the record straight regarding cost of ink.

Hewlett-Packard celebrates a quarter century of LaserJet

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 - Posted in News, Print Technology, Printer Market, Special Offers, Total Cost of Printing | No Comments »

Issue #0910/2 – Twenty five years seems to have passed rather too rapidly for my liking but, having worked alongside the IT/printer industry since the days of Hewlett-Packard’s LaserJet II and the first Apple LaserWriter, it amazes me that newly announced laser printers are still able to cause excitement – but, from time to time, they certainly do. While the technology and the market have both come a long way, Hewlett-Packard’s celebrations of a quarter century of LaserJet production seem to be very low-key, especially considering how many Hewlett-Packard laser printers must still be in use and the implications that has on companies offering a Managed Print Service (MPS).